Hailsham Market

South East Marts and Hailsham Market.

Hailsham Market Market Street Hailsham East Sussex BN27 2AG Telephone 01323 844 874 Mobile 07890 359 622 Email. info@southeastmarts.co.uk

Hailsham Market - Mondays:  Sales commence 11:30 am

Store cattle sales are held on Mondays, weekly throughout the spring and autumn and

fortnightly throughout the summer and winter months, including special breeding sales

throughout the year.

Entries for our forthcoming sales of store cattle can now be taken by e-mail, let us know your entries now: info@southeastmarts.co.uk Catalogues for each store sale can also be downloaded See: Livestock auction sales

Hailsham Market - Wednesdays:  Sales commence 11:00 am

Weekly sales all year round, includes: prime cattle, sheep, pigs, cull cows and overage

beef, calves, cull and breeding ewes, store lambs and store pigs.

Wednesday market schedule:

11:00 am

-  Calves

11:15 am -   Pigs

11:30 am

-  Sheep

1:00 pm

-  Cattle

Entries for our forthcoming sales can now be taken by e-mail, let us know your entries

now: info@southeastmarts.co.uk

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