Private and direct sales

Private and direct sales.

We conduct private and direct sales throughout the South East of England.

Details of stock available will be published on these pages as and when they become available. Last updated 20th September 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FARM DIRECT BULL BANK Two Mature Stock Bulls, available now Pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Purebred Sussex ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEEF BREEDING DIRECT Six Pedigree Sussex Heifers, 24 months, High Health Status, One year TB Parish Young Highland Cow & Highland steer, 24 months, had an easy life looking for an easy life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DAIRY DIRECT Thirteen young Friesian in-calf cows mostly second calvers March calving to Aberdeen Angus low cell counts ex butterfat and protein, Four year TB Parish also Eight Friesian bulling heifers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHEEP DIRECT North of England Mule Shearlings on Heptavac P - choice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tel: RRW 07860663345 or 01323 844874 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Private & direct sales